Product and Application: Complete instructions included 

1.  Finishing Touch  will improve wax residue and oxidation on 'one stage' painted mirrors and trim (no clearcoat)
2.  Finishing Touch  can be used on all black pieces and most gray 
(test a small spot first) ie: cladding, molding & some bumpers
3.  Finishing Touch is not a silicone based product that washes off   with water/rain and no greasy residue left behind at touch.
4. Finishing Touch dries to the touch in 10-20 minutes, completely dries in approximately an hour depending on weather.
5.  Finishing Touch will not adhere to clear coat, so no need for 
taping and no overspray on car or windows.

Basic Application (Complete instructions with kit & cases)
1.  Shake Finishing Touch  bottle well - Wear gloves
2.  Apply Finishing Touch liberally to clean stain pad and spread 
evenly on entire piece.  
3.  Use second pad to buff excess Finishing Touch off
4.  Use clean towel and glass cleaner to clean around edges and               wipe excess product off vehicle. (Won't adhere to clearcoat)
5.  Wait 24 hours to wash vehicle


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   After    Back Bumper   Before
  Before  (Wiper cowling) After
Caution:  Not for use on anything other than black or dark gray exterior plastic parts.  This product will stain anything that is not clearcoated.  Follow the directions included with your kit before using this product..
Too many Mirrors and mirror base to mention,
will also work on some 'one stage' painted mirrors, removing oxidation, wax amd soap residuelick here to add text.
Available  Sept. 2015

Bottle of  Finishing Touch
Two Application Pads
Pair Nitrile Gloves
 Microfiber towel
Complete Instructions 


 12 bottles  'Finishing Touch'  (each bottle will do 5-10 cars depending on size)  See order page or call for information on larger quanities

For Licensing or Business Opportunity
contact Ms. Catherine Martin
***  Return and Refund Policy ***
Finishing Touch wants you to be completely satisified with our product. 
 When receiving your kit check that all items are included in your kit. 
Apply the product and for any reason you are unhappy with the appearance
 or product, contact us within 10 days for instructions on returning the kit
 and a complete refund. Or send back the kit with a letter of explaination
and a refund will be sent within10-15 days.ckhere to add text.